No Turning Back EP

by The Misery Mire Drownings

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released August 28, 2015



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The Misery Mire Drownings

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Track Name: Ripping The Wings Of A Hornet
As you take what makes me, me
I now see its time to leave
This is my final plea
Don't take what is close to me

This is my final request before I leave this earth
I wanted to know what's its like to be alive

This is what you wanted from me
This is what I'll give
This is what you needed from me
This is what you get
All I really wanted from you was the feeling of regret
Now I am forever suffering in this fucking pit
Track Name: Beyond This Existence
Born in a world full of hatred and disparity
We are given one chance to breathe
But was it worth it?
Forced to live our lives based on our beliefs
Some live their lives for others
And some live for themselves
While others live their lives in fear
Wondering what comes next
Hoping for a higher power to come and wipe away their debts and fears
And then they try to pass this on to you
On to you

May this world shatter your broken dreams
May this plague swallow you whole
No one can save you at the end of the earth

I will not kneel before this apparition
Do what's fit for your survival
And we'll see who's right in our final hour
Life is a mystery not a gift
Our life is misery and never bliss
Don't tell me you can't see this
If there is a heaven I'd love to see it
And if there's a hell then I'll be there soon
We hope and we hope
But where does our faith go?
Death comes naturally
Our life is a choice
This is where it ends
Track Name: Among The Lifeless
Constantly lurking in the shadows
Waiting for flesh
Take away our breath
This has become our lifestyle
We are the last ones left
Among the lifeless

As we dine upon the ones we love
Can't turn back
This is fucking madness
We must stand strong

We must fight back
These viral creatures
Stand between us and salvation
We are now among the lifeless

Ripping apart their prey
Limb from fucking limb
Follow the entrails
This is it
Stand your fucking ground
Against the fucking world
Here we stand
We are now outnumbered
We are now the lifeless
But we shall live once more
Track Name: Voluntary Human Extinction (No Turning Back)
I am here to help you
You need not fear these inner thoughts
They never liked you
I can tell by the looks in their eyes
I demand you to rise

I shall have total control
Of this filthy existence
From the womb to the tomb
We are fucking doomed
You've become my puppet
I now pull the fucking strings
Leave you suspended by the wrists
And watch your veins run dry
They never loved you
So why should you?

Not much left to my plan now
It will come together piece by piece
There will be no turning back
Not much left to destroy
This world is now mine
You now belong to me
I command you to die